What is a Chair?

A chair is a piece of furniture designed to seat one person at a time. It is typically a raised surface with a flat or slightly angled seat and a back that may be fully or minimally upholstered in various colors and materials. Chairs can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, […]

New Orleans Festivals

New Orleans is a city that celebrates all of its diverse cultures and traditions. The Crescent City is home to an eclectic blend of African, Native American, French, and Caribbean influences and its festivals showcase this diversity. Several festivals in the city offer a unique glimpse into its history and culture while also offering visitors […]

What Are the Furniture Trends for 2020?

What are the furniture trends for 2020? Whether you’re a design lover or just want to refresh your space, 2020 offers plenty of fresh ways to create a stylish home. From calming neutrals and earthy hues to luxe velvet upholstery and modern rattan designs, these on-trend styles will give you the perfect look to get […]

How to Use a Room Planner

Room planning is a process of creating and visualizing interior design plans before moving furniture into a space. It can help you visualize the layout of your space and make sure all furniture fits together properly, especially when you’re working in a small space or if you’re trying to arrange a large piece of furniture. […]