What Are the Furniture Trends for 2020?

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what are the furniture trends for 2020

What are the furniture trends for 2020?

Whether you’re a design lover or just want to refresh your space, 2020 offers plenty of fresh ways to create a stylish home. From calming neutrals and earthy hues to luxe velvet upholstery and modern rattan designs, these on-trend styles will give you the perfect look to get cozy in the new year.

Neutrals & Soft Tones

Warm and natural tones are still in style for 2020, but the neutral palette is taking on a whole new feel. Try incorporating textures and subtle patterns into your new furniture pieces for added interest. Adding industrial-inspired designs, leather upholstery and dark wood furniture can elevate the neutral palette to new heights!

Nesting – the art of creating a space that feels like a home – is another trend we’re seeing more and more of this year. It’s about bringing the outdoors in, adding natural elements such as plants and botanical prints, and incorporating fibers such as rattan and wicker into your home to make it feel more organic.

Blues & Greens are also becoming a popular choice for furniture this year, especially if you’re looking for a color that’s sophisticated and versatile. Pantone named “Classic Blue” as its color of the year for 2020, and it’s a great way to add a pop of color to your interiors without going overboard.

Velvet is definitely making a comeback in 2020, so be sure to incorporate it into your new furniture pieces for a luxurious and soft touch that’s sure to please. Velvet sofas can be upholstered in anything from bright jewel tones to more traditional colors, so you’re bound to find a piece that’s right for you.

Choosing the right lighting for your space is crucial to giving your room a polished and professional look. If you’re going with a clean and neutral look, white light will work perfectly, but if you’d prefer a warmer option, try some incandescent bulbs or brighter LED lights.

Quiet & Sustainable Materials

With more focus on personal style and sustainability, consumers are opting for fewer and better-made furniture pieces that they’ll love for years to come. This includes a move away from high-gloss finishes to more natural and matte options, which can help your furniture age gracefully and add a timeless element to your home.

Multifunctional and Blended Spaces

One of the biggest home design trends for 2020 is the movement toward blending spaces. This is especially true for spaces that are primarily used for work or leisure, such as at-home offices and home entertainment centers.

In addition, more millennials are working from home and freelancers are turning to a more flexible style of work. This means that home office designs are shifting to include more storage, comfortable chairs and desks that can fit into different areas of the home.

The key is to choose pieces that can easily transition from one space to the next. For example, an upholstered headboard can serve as a statement piece in a master bedroom, while a coffee table and accent chair can be versatile and functional in the living room.

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