A 1960s Hanging Lamp Can Elevate Your Space

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hanging lamp 60s

A 1960s hanging lamp can make a striking statement and elevate your space. These fixtures—inspired by antique chandeliers and often made from metal or glass—are available at 1stDibs in a range of sizes, styles and time periods, with many bearing Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian or modernist hallmarks. Prices start at $171 for an authentic piece, although you can find many options for much less than that, including a few dozen reproductions.

A sconce—a type of wall lamp that sits beside a bed or on a wall—is another great option for adding retro flair to your room. If you plan to use one in your bedroom, measure the width or diameter of the surface on which you want to hang it. Then subtract 12 from that number to get the maximum width of a fixture that will fit. (Note that a fixture with a busy or complex design will actually appear larger than it is, so if you’re going for a sleek, minimal look, scale back the maximum size slightly.)

Pendant lights can also add a pop of color to your home. This blue pendant light, designed by Stilnovo in Italy, has a sleek curved shape that would look great in any living room or dining area. It’s a fun alternative to a traditional candelabra or a more contemporary chandelier. For a more sophisticated vignette, match the pendant light with matching table lamps, like the ones shown here in this kitchen by a Homepolish designer.

Named after a Cold War satellite, the Sputnik Chandelier is a modernist icon. Its long, atomic-shaped design is a crossroads of industrial style and art, and its sleek silhouette continues to be a popular choice for upscale homes and restaurants. You can get the original from a designer like DWR or 2Modern, or you can opt for an inexpensive replica from Amazon.

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