Choosing a Wall Lamp For Bathroom

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wall lamp for bathroom

A wall lamp for bathroom can add a little extra light to a vanity or a touch of style to an otherwise minimalist space. These decorative light fixtures come in a wide array of colors, finishes and materials that will fit any design scheme. From gilded brass to translucent glass, there are plenty of options to choose from. When shopping for a bathroom light, look for a fixture that features an integrated dimmer switch to control the amount of light you want in your space. This allows you to set the lighting to match your bathing habits and needs, whether you want a bright and focused space or a dim night-light for reading medicine labels or putting in contacts.

The type of light bulb you select is also important. While wattage only measures the power that the fixture uses, you’ll also need to consider color temperature and CRI, which will affect how the fixture lights your room and how it illuminates colors and skin tones. In general, a cooler white bulb will provide a brighter look, while a warmer one can create more of a moody effect. Look for a bulb with a high CRI rating to ensure it provides good lighting for makeup application and helps your skin tone appear its most natural.  LAMP24

Unless you have an unusually large space with enough room for sconces on both sides of the mirror, it’s generally best to install a single fixture above your vanity. This will help evenly light your face and eliminate shadows under the nose, chin and hairline. If you’re short on space, a multi-bulb fixture like the one from FOHR Design Studio will generate more light from multiple angles and may be a better option than just a sconce.

For an unexpected touch, consider installing a picture light in your bathroom. These quirky fixtures are a cross between bar lights and sconces and can be used to add dimension and flair to a simple space without taking up too much room. In this crisp baby blue bathroom by Hendricks Churchill, the framed flower-print sconce adds a subtle touch of style to a simple vanity and mirror.

Adding backlighting to a wall behind your tub or shower will instantly create a softer and more dramatic space. This look is especially appropriate for a guest bathroom, as it creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes it easy to get ready when guests come over. For a more modern take on this trend, try a recessed wet-rated backlight in a deep shade of green like the ones from Fiona Lynch Studio.

If you have a small bathroom with no place to mount a traditional flush mount, try a wall-mounted sconce with a narrow profile. These compact, stylish light fixtures can be found in a wide range of finishes and sizes to complement any bathroom, from contemporary to eclectic. The sconces from Anna Spiro Design feature an intricate floral pattern that adds a feminine touch to the masculine space.

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