Room Layout Planner Free

Whether you’re planning a room redesign or simply rearrange your furniture, there are plenty of online tools that can help. The best online room planner free options will provide an intuitive interface and a wide selection of furniture, walls, and flooring. Some even have 3D models to give you a more realistic idea of what […]

A 1960s Hanging Lamp Can Elevate Your Space

A 1960s hanging lamp can make a striking statement and elevate your space. These fixtures—inspired by antique chandeliers and often made from metal or glass—are available at 1stDibs in a range of sizes, styles and time periods, with many bearing Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian or modernist hallmarks. Prices start at $171 for an authentic piece, although […]

Office Equipment Definition

A typical office contains a plethora of machinery and paraphernalia, from the most mundane to the most extravagant. It also requires a lot of labelling to differentiate desks and monitors from one another, as well as cables and cords of various types. Most workplaces use computers, of course. This modern marvel of a device is […]