IKEA Wall Lamp Ikea – Stylish Ways to Add Mood Enhancing Light to Your Home

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A modern minimalist, this wall lamp ikea mounts flush to the wall for an unobtrusive look that still delivers soft, mood-enhancing backlit light. It’s easy to adjust the brightness from a smartphone app, too, so you can create a cozy ambiance for hygge or a brighter one for everyday use.

If you’re going with a more statement-making style, you can’t go wrong with the IKEA PS 2014, a pendant lamp that gives off major sci-fi vibes and is available in multiple finishes. It’s a gorgeous focal point, whether you choose to hang it over a dining room table or a bed.

The pixel-style LED light from IKEA is also customizable, with a few baked-in animations and the ability to upload your own graphics via WiFi. But if you want to add even more functionality, [ph1p] has made an awesome hack that takes this little lamp to the next level. Opening it up isn’t exactly easy, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can replace the original controller with an ESP32 board and programming to get all kinds of cool new features and functions.

Another option is this simple backlit rod light, which has a matte black finish for contemporary style and a warm glow to set the mood. It’s versatile enough to fit anywhere in the home, but would be particularly effective as bathroom lighting since it meets UL standards for wet locations. You can also adjust its angle so it projects a more subtle or intense light, depending on the space and desired effect.

A wall-mounted sconce can work well as a reading lamp, too, especially if it has an adjustable arm that allows you to direct the light where you need it. For a simple, stylish design that can be used in the bedroom or living area, consider this option from Onefortythree. It’s easy to install, comes with all necessary mounting hardware and has high-quality construction. The lamp arm swivels 180 degrees on the wall and a full 360 degrees side to side. The long arm can also be extended to provide a reading light in a chair or sofa.

You can find more great options at IKEA, like this Felsisk light that combines modern lines with traditional details for a striking silhouette that’s perfect above an island or peninsula. This four-light fixture also has a dimmer button, so you can dial up or down the intensity as needed.

The doughnut-shaped wall lamp ikea from IKEA is leading a trend for backlit lamps that look just as cozy on the wall as they do on the table. Other versions of the design can be found online from vendors like Wayfair and Amazon. If you’re looking to buy this lamp, keep in mind that it’s made-to-order, so expect a wait of three to four weeks for your order. (Add-ons such as a wood-block bracket or international plugs are available, for an additional cost.) You can also find similar styles in other stores, from small shops on Etsy to major furniture retailers.