Top 5 Furniture Companies in the World

There are numerous furniture companies in the world that make high-quality pieces. Many of these manufacturers offer customization options to allow you to truly customize your piece. These companies also offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any taste and budget. These companies include a number of popular home decor brands. One […]

Choosing Chandelier Shades

Chandelier shades are the perfect do-it-yourself way to update your lighting without spending a fortune on replacing the entire fixture. Choosing the right lamp shade for your chandelier can dramatically alter its appearance and add new dimensions to the design of the room. These petite lampshades are not only budget friendly, but also help soften […]

Lighting Ideas in Busselton

The best way to find the right lighting for your home or business is to get a free quote from the experts at Direct Lighting in Busselton. This local company specializes in commercial and residential fittings of all shapes and sizes. The business is a family affair, with the owners having over 15 years combined […]