Top 5 Furniture Companies in the World

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There are numerous furniture companies in the world that make high-quality pieces. Many of these manufacturers offer customization options to allow you to truly customize your piece. These companies also offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any taste and budget. These companies include a number of popular home decor brands.

One of the best-known furniture companies in the world, IKEA, is known for their ready-to-assemble furniture that is sold at a low price point. Founded in 1943 in Almhult, Sweden, IKEA has grown to become a global leader in the home furnishings market with over 400 stores in over 40 countries. The company has a wide variety of styles, including traditional and modern.

Founded in 1889 in North Carolina, Bernhardt is one of the largest family-owned furniture companies in the U.S. With a focus on classic simplicity and stellar quality, this furniture company is an industry powerhouse. Its versatile collections include both traditional and modern takes on furniture, so it’s easy to find a design that fits your home.

In business since 1947, Century Furniture is known for managing the complexities of its broad product line while improving quality and service. In addition to its wood products division, Century offers a large selection of upholstery in both traditional and contemporary styles. It also produces a number of licensed lines with designers including Thomas O’Brien, Charlotte Moss, Jesse Carrier & Mara Miller, Windsor Smith, Candice Olson and Bunny Williams.

The company also maintains a comprehensive showroom in the International Home Furnishings Center in High Point, NC where its full product line is displayed during the semi-annual market in April and October. It also owns and operates showrooms for the trade in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dania FL, Los Angeles, New York, and Scottsdale AZ.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of office furniture in the United States, Steelcase specializes in ergonomic and sustainable designs that are engineered to improve productivity and enhance workplace health. The company’s offerings include conference tables, desks, storage systems, and more. Steelcase has over 3,500 employees in the U.S. and has over 40 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. In 2019, the company recorded revenues of over USD 39 billion.

Another furniture company that is known for its sustainable designs is Okamura. The company’s headquarters are in the United States, and it employs more than 5,500 people. In addition to selling office furniture, the company sells industrial machinery and equipment. In the fiscal year of 2022, the company reported sales of over USD 1.2 billion. The company has also been recognized for its corporate responsibility efforts. The company has been ranked in the Global 100 Sustainable Corporations and is a member of the Global Compact Network. In addition, the company has a strong community involvement and is involved in environmental education through its Foundation for a Green Planet. It also provides scholarships to students in need. The company has won several awards for its sustainability initiatives.

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