How to Choose a Floor Lamp 4 Light

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floor lamp 4 light

A floor lamp 4 light is an excellent choice for a living room, bedroom or any other large space in the home that needs extra lighting. It provides an additional layer of lighting in the room and is more affordable than other alternatives to a wall-mounted lamp.

A wide variety of styles exist, which means you can easily find one that matches your personal aesthetic. From modern, contemporary designs to a more rustic look that harks back to the past, there’s a floor lamp for every style.

How to Choose a Floor Lamp

The first step in choosing a floor lamp is determining what type of light you need in the room. There are three general categories of light: ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lights tend to project light sideways and upwards, providing a soft overall glow that doesn’t cause strain on the eyes. They’re ideal for reading or working on hobbies that require fine detail.

They’re also useful for illuminating a desk or work area, especially if there are multiple tasks being done at the same time.

Alternatively, they can be used to provide accent lighting for a piece of furniture or other decor in the room.

Another way to get more light into the room is with a floor lamp that has multiple light bulbs under one lampshade. These are often called a six-way floor lamp, but they can be any number of different designs with a single base.

This floor lamp from Possini Euro Design has a warm gold finish and four arms that level off at different heights, each supporting a glass globe shade. It comes with energy-efficient LED bulbs and is available in a variety of colors.

A lamp with an octopus-style design is perfect for a kid’s room or for a fun accent in a dining room or living room, says Harwood. The multi-arm design allows you to aim the light where you want it and is a playful, colorful option.

Octopus floor lamps may be a playful option, but they don’t aim the light well or focus it very effectively, so they’re best for decorative purposes rather than for functional lighting in a room.

You can also choose a lamp that has an adjustable dimmer, which lets you control the amount of light in the room. Several types of these lamps are available, including the aforementioned octopus lamps and a more traditional tower floor lamp that Harwood likes for its classic styling.

Finally, there are arc floor lamps that feature an arced base that aims the light downwards. This type of lamp is particularly good for illuminating a seating area or a table with a small number of people who need a localized amount of light.

You can also purchase floor lamps with shelves, which have a platform or shelf around the mid-section of the lamp pole. This can be helpful for storing lightweight objects, such as magazines or glasses. A lamp with shelves can be placed next to a chair or even next to a dresser or console table.

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